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Ibn Sina
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The state border of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Republic of Serbia

UDK 351.746.1


Džemal Najetović


Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have determined most of their borders, but parts along the Drina River have remained unresolved. Regarding Serbia’s earlier relations with BiH, we highlight the statement of Serbian President Boris Tadic in Sarajevo on June 29, 2006. “The whole BiH is a vital interest of Serbia, as is the preservation of borders of all countries in the region”.
The regulation of the state border between BiH and Serbia is one of the international misunderstandings of these two countries. In addition, some Bosniaks have property over the Drina River (the right side) in the Republic of Serbia, which are reached by a barge. Unfortunately, they are often interfered with in the processing of their land in such a way as to forbid the crossing of the barge and they are being sent via long road routes instead.

Key words

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, state, territorial integrity, international law

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