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Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ratko Mladić – Character and work (Review of Prosecution – Indictments and Judgments)

UDK 355:929 MLADIĆ R.


Meldijana Arnaut Haseljić


The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia issued the Judgment of the Trial Chamber (first instance judgement) against General Ratko Mladic, a former commander of the Main Staff of the Republika Srpska Army, sentenced to life imprisonment for genocide, crimes against humanity, and violations of the laws and customs of war. In paragraph 5.317, the role of the RS Army and its commander, as well as police structures, territorial defense, regional and municipal authorities and other participants in the joint criminal enterprise, is explained. The forms and modes of execution are explained of crimes committed in the areas of Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Foča, Ilidža, Kalinovik, Ključ, Kotor Varoš, Novi Grad, Pale, Prijedor, Rogatica, Sanski Most, Sokolac and Vlasenica, as well as the precise ways of executing a comprehensive joint criminal undertakings, but also individual joint criminal enterprises related to Srebrenica (genocide), Sarajevo (terrorizing civilians by sniper fire and shelling) and the one concerning the taking of hostages (international peacekeeping personnel – members of UNPROFOR). By the first instance verdict, Mladic was found guilty of 10 out of the 11 counts of the indictment. Of the charges of genocide committed in six Bosnia and Herzegovina municipalities (Foca, Ključ, Kotor-Varos, Prijedor, Sanski Most and Vlasenica), he has been acquitted in 1992.

Key words

genocide, extermination, persecution, mass killings, inhumane acts, deportations of jointcriminal enterprise, crimes against humanity, violation of the laws and customs of war, Geneva Convention

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