bir mubinaOn Friday, May 28, 2021, dr. Mubina Moker, expert associate of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo, was a guest on the dialogue show 'Radio Portrait' of Radio BIR.
In a relaxed conversation with the editor and host of the program Nadira Hurem, dr. Moker spoke about her study stay in Tehran and her attitude towards Iran as a country rich in culture and tradition.

"Through my scientific work and activities, and through the translation of significant Gnostic works into Persian, I try to establish a bridge of cultural friendship between Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina," said Dr. Moker During the conversation, the host Nadira Hurem referred to the over 500-year-long tradition of mesnevihanism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the role of Hajji Hafiz Halid ef. Hadžimulić in promoting Mevlana's work, and pointed out that dr. Moker took this honorary title of ‘mesnevihana’ and that every other Sunday she recites Mesnevi in ​​the tekke ‘Mesudija’ in Kaćuni.
"I consider Mesnevihanism an emanation and an honor from Allah, ," said Dr. Moker, and then expressed satisfaction with the fact that he tells Mesnevi to both men and women.
"An authentic approach to tasawwuf does not differentiate between a man and a woman when it comes to seyrisuluk and spiritual ascension, and the narration of Mesnevia by one woman represents a positive step in overcoming prejudice," said Dr. Moker. The program met with a nice reception from the listeners.