0 22On Sunday, June 13, 2021, in the hall of the Majlis of the IZ Zvornik, starting at 6 pm, in the presence of the imams of the Zvornik Majlis, a promotion of the book “Hasan Kaimi; son of time ”, by dr. Mubine Moker, expert associate of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo. The book is a joint venture of the Ibn Sina Institute and the Tuzla Institute for Social and Religious Research.

The program began with the recitation of the Noble Qur’an, and then the audience was addressed by mr. Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, director of the Ibn Sina Institute, who briefly commented on the occasion of the 25-year cultural and scientific activities of the Institute in the field of research and publishing, and, among other things, he said:
"I am glad to be here among you today, and the reason for our gathering is a book that talks about the segment of history and Islamic identity of Muslims in this area. I would like to thank the director of the Institute for Social and Religious Research in Tuzla, with whose cooperation we have cmpleted this important project. I hope that with this book we have taken another step towards preserving the Islamic identity and passing on the precious historical heritage of Bosnian Muslims to future generations. "
 Dr. Sead Seljubac, head of the service for religious affairs and education of the Mufti of Tuzla, gave a brief analysis of the book. He pointed out that the author Dr.Moker offered a new view of Sheikh Kaimi's life and Gnostic Applying the analytical-scientific method. "Throughout the book, the author tries to communicate with Sheikh Kaimi, but also invites readers to establish their own relationship with him, and according to the state of their own spirit, and to reflect on the content of the book," said Dr.Seljubac.
After the presentation the group of performers of Haji Sinan's tekke performed the ilahi in praise of the noble Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt.
Then the audience was addressed by mr. Sead Halilagić, Sheikh of Hadži-Sinan's tekke from Sarajevo. He spoke about the history of tekias in BiH as well as the need to preserve the Islamic identity of Bosniaks. In the continuation of the presentation, Sheikh Halilagić thanked the author of the book, dr. Moker on an exhaustive analysis of the life and work of Sheikh Kaimi and emphasized the importance of this study in presenting to the public the spiritual and social aspect of Kaimi's personality.
At the end, the author of the book, dr. Moker, who expressed her gratitude to the Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute and the Tuzla Institute for Social and Religious Research, which jointly published the study, and said that Sheikh Hasan Kaimi, with his authentic approach and understanding of the position of women in tasawwuf to whom he opened the doors of his vekilhana, showed that he is an intellectual par excellence of his time.
Dr. Moker went on to point out that all Gnostics, regardless of the historical period in which they lived or the geographical area in which they originated, share a unique spiritual atmosphere. The differences that exist are apparent in nature: differences in character, states, inclinations, behavior. Therefore, there is no difference in spiritual energy, for example Sheikh Attar's turbe in Nishabur and Sheikh Kaimi's in Zvornik. That is why we need to respect our sources of spirituality, such as the turbe of Sheikh Kaimi, the turbe of Hamza-deda Orlović, the turbe in Vukeljići.
Hasan Kaimi was the first known sheikh of Haji-Sinan's tekke whose name is recorded by historical sources. His turbe on Kula Grad has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, and the memory of this great man is being preserved through the religious and cultural event "Days of Hasan Kaimi".

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