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The Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute in Sarajevo on the occasion of Quds Day on Friday, May 22, 2020. starting at 6 pm, organized an online forum on "Kuds, a symbol of resistance" which was broadcast live on Facebook. At the beginning, the speaker of the forum, Nermin Hodžić, spoke, recalling the decades-long relevance of the Palestinian issue and the fate of Kuds. He stressed that since 1979, on the initiative of Imam Khomeini, the last Friday of the month of Ramadan has been celebrated every year as the World Day of Quds and Support for Palestine.


Afterwards, Razzeq Namoora, Palestinian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, spoke about the importance of Quds Day, saying: "This day belongs to all Palestinians and all people suffering in the world." For Palestinians, every day is Quds Day. Palestinians have been fighting for the freedom of their country for 75 years. Referring to the Israeli government's plan and Trump's plan, he said, "The plan that President Trump called the 'agreement of the century' I prefer to call 'Theft of the Century,' and that plan is intended to give entire Palestinian territory to the occupation regime." Occupying Israel wants to occupy most of the Palestinian territories, and we live in difficult conditions. The Palestinian leadership needs the support of all Muslim nations and the world. Anyone who loves Palestine must defend the Palestinian nation and leadership. Without unity there will be no success in the fight. We expect all nations and states to support the unity and integrity of the Palestinian people and leadership, rather than allow divisions by helping to weaken Palestine’s position vis-à-vis Israel and the United States. The Palestinian leadership said no to Trump’s plan and we stick to that stance.
Mahmoud Heidari, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina, said: "Quds Day is the spiritual heritage of Imam Khomeini." Quds means Palestine and the struggle for the liberation of this country. The 75-year occupation by the Zionist regime is rooted in three factors: unprecedented crimes for which the direct perpetrators are responsible, U.S. weapons and other support, and the silence, support and passivity of others that enable the Zionist regime to operate. Commenting on the pro-Palestinian front, Heidari said: "First of all, the Palestinian people deserve all the praise. They face crime, massacre, imprisonment and persecution every day. In this difficult struggle, Palestinians come first. Palestinian women, children and men who suffer The second group on this front consists of governments, peoples and individuals who directly support the Palestinian struggle, people like Serdar Martyr Soleimani who have played and continue to play an important role in strengthening the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people. support the Palestinian people, political media support, humanitarian activities, etc., in the field of politics and media and humanitarian aid, etc. Ambassador Heidari reiterated the clear position of the Islamic Republic of Iran advocating a democratic solution to the Palestinian crisis.If human rights and democracy are values which should be advocated for, then it should be made possible for the Palestinians as well, Fr. sim if double standards do not apply, Heidari added.
As a third speaker, Ado Hebib, president of the BiH-Palestine Friendship Association, referring to Britain's role in creating a Palestinian state, said: "Britain is a major factor in the emergence of the Zionist regime, and later the United States continued Britain's role." The United States has been the most important factor in Israel's survival for 75 years. Trump has a very dangerous plan to occupy Palestine.
He further said: The initiative of Imam Khomeini and the continuation and assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fight against the occupying regime in the Islamic world is unprecedented. Unlike some Arab states that have sold out, Iran is working tirelessly to liberate Jerusalem, and Iran's role in Palestine is more or less the same as helping the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Then dr. Kazem Zoghi Barani, Director of the Ibn Sina Institute thanked everyone for participating in this forum.



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