naslovna šejh Hasan KaimijaThe Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute in Sarajevo, in co-publishing with the Institute for Social and Religious Research in Tuzla, has published the book "Sheikh Hasan Kaimi, Son of Time" by Dr. Mubina Moker.


Sheikh Hasan Kaimi, known as Kaimi Baba, is one of the prominent Bosnian Sufi sheikhs of the 17th century. He left behind a remarkable poetic work. He was the Sheikh of the cadre order and head of the Hajji-Sinan tekke in Sarajevo. Although often spiritual authorities in Sufism identify with the absence of social and political involvement, Kaimi was a man of the tekke as well as a man of the society in which he lived and worked. He did not shy away from protesting against the authorities - specifically, about the price of bread - so he was expelled from Sarajevo to Zvornik.
Dr. Mubine Moker is the result of the author's many years of research over 170 pages. The author consulted relevant sources and tried to present as authentically as possible the character, life and work of Hasan Kaimi. The book also contains photographs of the manuscripts of some of Kaimia's poems as well as an extensive list of sources and Index of Names and Terms.