Under the authority of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute in Sarajevo informs all interested parties that they can apply for admission to one of the higher education institutions of Iran, under the following conditions:


1. There is a possibility to apply for study programs at any of the Iranian universities, type 1 and 2;
2. There is no restriction on the choice of courses and study programs within Iran's higher education system;
3. The admitted students are automatically scholarship recipients and will receive a Type B scholarship (which does not include the payment of financial aid to the student during their studies);
4. The conditions by age and success in previous education are shown in the table below, with the possibility of consideration and exceptional cases:

No.  Level Maximal age

Minimal GPA
1. Undergraduate study / First cycle 21 75% od ukupne ocjene
2. Master study / Second cycle 26 77,5% od ukupne ocjene
3. PhD / Third Cycle 31  80% od ukupne ocjene
4.  General Medicine and Health Studies 22  90% od ukupne ocjene
5.  Doctoral degree in medicine 31 Položen stručni ispit

5. After verification of the applicant's documents, the process until final acceptance will take 2 months;

6. All unmarried male students are provided with boarding accommodation, and accommodation for married couples will depend on the accommodation capacity of the university concerned;
7. All students are covered by health insurance;
8. The Ministry shall not bear any additional costs.

For more information, visit www.saorg.ir:8081 To access the content, you need to request a passcode from this institute - recommender and then register. This will give you the status of a referral applicant. Otherwise, you can register and fill out an application for admission to the university without a referral, as well as other students and your application will be considered in the regular procedure, without urgency.
Thanks for your attention and interest,
                                                                                               The Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute in Sarajevo