broshura 4 40 godinaOn the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Science and Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo published a monograph from Hajrudin Somun and Zlatko Dizdarevic, a doyen of Bosnian-Herzegovinian diplomacy and journalism.

Hajrudin Somun in his work writes about the causes of the origin and the socio-historical context of the Islamic Revolution. For two years, he directly testified to the revolution in Iran. Somun analyzes the political system in Iran before the Revolution and the conditions that made it possible for it to win, highlighting the pre-revolutionary period in which prevalence of the path to plutonic development and independence prevailed, the overthrow of Prime Minister Mosadeq, and the dependence of chess on America. In particular, the victory of the revolution, however, contributed to the charism of Imam Homeini.
Zlatko Dizdarević writes about the place and role of the Islamic Revolution in the international order and the Middle East geopolitical context, emphasizing that Revolucia has received important geopolitical changes in that part of the world, and that Iran has gained a new role, which is no longer a role of American gendarmes in the region. The greatest gain since 1979 to this day is the victory in the collapse of colonialism and loyalty, the ascent from ashes with one's own forces, knowledge, determination, and the overcoming of isolationism and societies, social, mental, economic, religious and cultural claustrophobia. And with the awareness that the sufferings and difficulties on the way have been paid off, and, if need be, the path will be the same again.