On Thursday, February 14, 2019. The book of the doyenne of Bosnia and Herzegovina journalism and diplomacy Hajrudin Somun "Sefernama iz Irana", published by the publishing house Dobra knjiga from Sarajevo, was presented at the Bosniak institute. Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bosnia and Herzegovina, HE. Mahmoud Heidari was also attended.

In his welcoming speech, Ambassador Heidari congratulated the author on his role in reporting about the revolution in Iran exactly 40 years ago. Heidari added that the Islamic Republic of Iran, supported by the Iranian people, also welcomed its 40th anniversary. And despite numerous efforts to get her on the road. In the continuation of his speech, the Ambassador recalled the centuries-old cultural and spiritual ties between Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina thanks to everyone who contributed to their fostering and development, and added: This book is a contribution to mutual understanding and strengthening of friendship between the two countries that we proved to each other in the most difficult times .In his review of the latest book by Hajrudin Somun, the writer Željko Ivanković pointed out that it is a memoir and travelogue, and testifies to the author's deep knowledge of the rich Iranian culture and civilization. Ivanković added: Although the emphasis is on the literary and cultural values of Iran and Iranian civilization, the author describes her experiences and views of the 1978-1979 revolution. He was directly reported as the only Tehran reporter for the media of the former Yugoslavia.Dr. Sedad Dizdarević, associate professor of the University of Zenica, through his review of the book "Sefarnama from Iran" briefly analyzed the two-way attitude of the West towards Iran and the Persian civilization that dates back to the pre-Hellenistic period. On the one hand, the Iranians appear as barbarians, and on the other hand, the West admires their ancient culture, from Zaratustra to literary classics. This is a relationship that could be summed up in a word of awe.Hajrudin Somun, the author of this book, writer and doyen of Bosnian journalism and diplomacy, thanked promoters, reviewers and everyone who contributed to seeing this book as a light day, including the Institute of Ibn Sina from Sarajevo, which financially helped its release as well as the embassy of Iran in Sarajevo, and especially pointed out the irreplaceable role of his wife.The author, accompanied by Parviz Muhammedi on our behalf and defeat, spoke the verses of contemporary Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehri, explaining how Iranians nurture memory and recitation of poetry from memory. It was once remembered and recited by Hafiz's Divan, and now young people in Iran are more inclined to Sepheria, which is easier to read and understand.After the presentation of the book, the opening of an exhibition of art and antiquities originating from Iran was opened in the foyer of the Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo. It is part of the private collections of Hajrudin Somun. The presenters were greeted by the director of the Institute Amina Džuvić Rizvanbegović, and the exhibition was opened with the appropriate letter by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institute prof.dr. Faris Gavrankapetanović.2