kratak pregled hist perz kjnizevThe book "A Brief Review of the History of Persian Literature" by Mohammad Ja'far Yahaqqi, translated into the Bosnian language by Ahmed Zildzic and Munir Drkic, came out of the press. The book was published by the publishing house "Dobra knjiga" with co-publishing  "Ibn Sina" Scientific Research Institute in Sarajevo

The author is the famous historian of Persian literature of the newer generation. As the title itself hints at, this book is a very concise review of the development of Persian literature, from the first traces of the creation of Persians in the pre-Islamic period to the contemporary literature of Iran. It presents key trends in the development of Persian literature, founded in different historical periods, literary genres, and prose and poetic stylistic orientations.
The translation and publication of this book in the Bosnian language will surely be used by students of Persian language and literature at the University of Sarajevo, but also with a wider audience interested in learning the history of Persian literature.