slika 2HE. Samir Veladzic, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Iran visited the Scientific Research Institute in Tehran, and on that occasion he highlited the need to improve the relationship between Tehran and Sarajevo on a cultural and scientific level.

The newly-appointed ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Iran, in teh Institute Ibn Sina in Tehran, met directors of Iranian institutions whose activities are related to the Balkans. On that occasion, the Ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the presence of this meeting and thanked the host, the Ibn Sina Institute.
He thanked for the vigorous activities of Iranian organizations and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and especially highlighted the remarkable activities of the Embassy of Iran in Sarajevo during the term of Ambassador Heidari. Veladzic also said: "The improvement of relations between the two countries requires coordination between embassies in Tehran and Sarajevo and Iranian organizations operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as the Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute.
Hossein Abbasi, director of the Ibn Sina Institute, welcomed them. Ambassador and other guests, and congratulated Mr. Veladzic on the appointment of the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Iran, with the hope that given his earlier stay in Iran and his ruling in the Persian language, there will be an additional impetus to determine the mutual cooperation.
Abbasi briefed him about the activities of the Ibn Sina Scientific Research Institute in Tehran and Sarajevo, especially emphasizing the publication of several important works of Persian literature in the Bosnian language, such as Divan Hafiz Shirazia, and requested the expansion of culture and scientific cooperation between the two countries.
Mr. Suleimani, Director of the International Channel of Iranian Television, Mr. Hashemi, the representative of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbas Heidar, Director of the Iranian-Bosnian Friendship Society, and Mr. Sohani, Director of TV Sahar Balkan, expressed their views and opinions on improving scientific and cultural ties and relations between the two countries.
At the end of this meeting, Ambassador Veladzic visited the Library of the Institute "Ibn Sina" and met with the Institute's latest publishing initiatives, and expressed satisfaction with the activities of this institute in the past two decades.

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