IMG 9650The book "Muslim Women's Issues in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 1908-1950" by Adnan Jahić was promoted at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Tuzla. This historical period was turbulent, with dramatic changes that, among other things, affected the position of women.

Adnan Jahić describes the position of Bosniaks during the annexation crisis when BiH was merged with Austria-Hungary, during the First World War, during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the SFRY. Promoter Vlatka Dugački said that the book does not only show the position of the woman, but of the whole society, as well as the way women were perceived, thus gaining insight into the complete picture of that forty years. The Law on the Removal of Niqab and veil  1950 g. is gave the opportunity to women to vote and the possibility to choose leaders, which has led to a greater influence in society today. "Promoter Omer Hamzic said that during the First World War, many families were left without a male and the woman was forced to get out of the house to earn money to feed the children, and the author dealt with the way in which the Muslim ulema and society looked at the emancipation of women. The book abounds with the wealth of sources by which the author ororizes the position of a woman of Muslim women. Adnan Jahic claims that "the woman was on the margins of all social movements and, due to the low level of enlightenment, she could not participate in the economic, social or public sphere of that time. This does not mean that the acquired rights are superior and that there is no room for analysis of the present state. In fact, the book has the purpose to stimulate reflection. " Adnan Jahić was born in 1967. in Tuzla, where he finished elementary and high school. He completed Oriental Studies and English at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, followed postgraduate study History in Sarajevo and PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tuzla. In addition to this, Adnan Jahic has previously published books: "Muslim Formations of the Tuzla Region in the World War II", Hijkmet-the word of the traditional Ulema in BiH "The Islamic Community in BiH during the Monarchist Yugoslavia" and "The Time of Challenges." The Bosniaks in the first half of the 20th century ".
The promotion was also attended by representatives of the Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, Dr. Zoghi Barani and Assistant Director for International Cooperation, Nermin Hodzic. About the book and cooperation with Adnan Jahic, as well as the support of the Institute "Ibn Sina" to this research and publishing enterprise, in the name of the Bosniak national community was spoken by prof.dr. Sead Berberović, President of the Assembly of the Bosniak National Community in the Republic of Croatia.

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