1On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, starting at 19:00 in the premises of the Science Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo, on the occasion of the forthcoming World AlQuds Day, a panel discussion on the topic "AlQuds-  symbol of resistance" was held. The speaker was the Ambassador of Palestine in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ie. Rezeq Namoora.

At the beginning, Nermin Hodzic, Assistant Director of International Cooperation at the Ibn Sina Institute and the moderator of the forum, said a few introductory words and welcomed all those present, especially thanked to the Ambassador Namoori as a long-time friend of the Institute who is always happy to respond to our calls. "Al Quds or Jerusalem City is a concentrated history and culture, especially the culture of religion, and through its multi-millennial tradition, it has become a significant place of worship for all of Abraham's religious traditions: it is the capital of Palestine, a significant sacred place for Muslims but at the same time the sanctuary of Christians and Jews. Unfortunately, he is also a city-case, a city that is exclusively exclusive to one nation today. But it is certainly more about this Mr Namoora will speak", said Mr. Hodzic.
Ambassador Namoora welcomed the participants and thanked the Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo as a center for enlightenment and illumination of many important topics, an institute that always pays special attention to Palestine. He also mentioned  millenarian tradition of Al-Quds: This city was born for at least 5000 years ago. Unfortunately, after the occupation of Palestine in 1948, by a newly formed Zionist state supported by the United Kingdom, and especially after 1967, the AlQuds was not a free city, the Al-Quds is occupied and usurped.  Throughout all these decades, various forms of violence and crime, including terrorism, have spread to the Palestinian people and touched this  sacred city that belongs to everyone, but this is the capital of Palestine and will remain forever.
Mr. Namoor said: Unfortunately, the current US administration headed by Mr Trump, by recent act of proclaiming AlQuds for the capital of Israel, stood aside crimes and occupation, aside to state terrorism, becoming an accomplice and partner to one side, namely Israel. Contrary to the international right and all important resolutions, America loses legitimacy of mediators and initiators of any peace process in Palestine. We, however, will not give up on our struggle, from our aspirations for freedom. We are ready to continue to fight, but also to negotiate with the mediation of the Interna- tional Community and in accordance with international law.
"Palestinians were eight in the world by level of education, during the 1920 of last century: we still have big poets, artists, writers, scientists and intellectuals today. We love culture, humor, knowledge, love life, love and want freedom. We do not ask for anything more or less than what we respect as the right of every nation in the world, "Namoora added.
Concerning the relations of Muslims, especially Arab countries, Ambassador Namoor said: For now, the official policy of Muslim and Arab countries is on our side. This has also been reported by the recent OIC Summit in Istanbul. Of course, we do not know what individual governments are doing "under the table" and we can refer only to their official positions.
Ambassador Namoora looked briefly on the domestic political situation in Palestine and said: "Of course, there are some differences between us. We are a people who nurture democracy and political pluralism. However, our political divisions and differences are not essential or strategic. We differ in political tactics and methods. Everyone, with the differences we strive to overcome, strive for one goal for Palestine and the Palestinian people.