1On Tuesday night, on November 14, 2017, in the Blue Hall of BKC Tuzla, promotion of the book "Knowledge - the first value of Islam (contribution to cognitive theory in Islam)", by Academician Rešid Hafizović, was held.
The promotion was jointly organized by Mufti Tuzla and Science Research Institute "Ibn Sina" Sarajevo.

At the very beginning of the promotion, moderator Nermin Hodžić expressed his gratitude to the Tuzla mufti and to all audience, and reminded that this book is the first authos work in the field of Islamic epistemology from the pen of a Bosnian Muslim.
 Then the word was taken by the first promoter dr. Sead Seljubac, Deputy Mufti of Tuzla and Professor Behram Bay Madrasa. Dr. Seljubac emphasized the author's attachment to the Qur'anic text as the first source of knowledge and referred to the author's specific and praiseworthy precise scientific language.
Dr. Rusmir Šadić, the hatib and the imam of the Čaršija mosque in Tuzla, pointed in his presentation the importance of the book by academician Hafizović and said that every Muslim should know that belief and knowledge is inseparable from the aspect of Islam. "Unfortunately, it took long centuries for Bosnian Muslims for the first time in their history to approach this topic in a serious and scientific way. Academician Hafizovic insists on the ijtihad that Muslims, unfortunately, very little apply. The academician believes that ijtihad necessarily requires the freedom of thought and opinion, and that in the next stage our mujtehids need to be grouped together, and that those who conduct ijtihad should have a high degree of knowledge of the Quranic text as well as the socio-historical context in order to provide a convincing religious response to everything challenges of the Muslims ", emphasized Dr. Shadic.
At the end of the promotion, the author, academician Hafizovic addressed the audience: "I do not know what happened to the Muslims, and they forgot that the first Divine revelation received by Prophet, alaihisselam, began with the command" Read ( Iqra). " God didnt order first to our Noble Messenger to make prostration ( sujud) but has ordered Him to read. Why? Because prostration without knowledge and cognition, or prostration which is not the fruit of cognition and knowledge, has no value. What happened that we forgot God's orders and that others had knowledge more than us.One of the reasons is the domination of fundamentalism and imprisonment in the Islamic world. We seem to have forgotten that Islam has no problems with science, culture, art, human progress, and that Islam strongly demands the promotion of knowledge and rationality.