1On Friday, December 1, 2017, starting at 6 pm, at the premises of the Society "Bjuevačka matica" in Subotica, the promotion of Dr. Midhat Spahic book "The Bosnian Kingdom in the middle of the 15th century, King Stjepan Tomas." was held.The promotion was organized by the publishers of this work, the Bosniak National Community for the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County;Scientific Research Institute "Ibn Sina" from Sarajevo, and our hosts from  Subotica the Association of Bosniaks of Vojvodina.

دThe audience was welcomed by Mr. Matrko Marjanušić, Vice President of the Society "Matica Bunjevac"  and Teufik Isaković, President of the Association of Bosniaks from Vojvodina at the beginning of the program.
Prof.dr. Sead Berberović, the vice president of the Bosniak national community of Croatia, presented this association and their projects, while the Institute "Ibn Sina" from Sarajevo was presented by Nermin Hodžić, Assistant Director for International Cooperation, who also moderated this promotion.
Below you can see the complete video of this promotion attended by representatives of several national minorities from Subotica, a city of cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.