1On Wednesday, 17.05. 2017. ( at 19:00) at the premises of the Bosniak Institute in Sarajevo, in the presence of a large number of book lovers was presentation of the book "Belgrade Gajret Osman Djikic", written by dr. Nadir Dacić.

The book is actually amended text of the doctoral thesis by Dr. Nadir Dacić successfully defended at the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade in December 2015.

The book was presented by  dr. Behija Zlatar, prof.dr. Husein Zvrko  (Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo) and prof. dr. Senadin Lavić (President BZK Preporod and professor of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo).
Moderator of this presentation was Nermin Hodzic from the Research Institute "Ibn Sina" who is co-publisher of this book (publisher: The Faculty of Islamic Studies in Belgrade).

Mr. Hodzic said a few words about the motivs for the Institute to join this publishing project, emphasizing the significance of the works of cultural history for Bosniaks in Bosnia and its environment.

Professor dr. Behija Zlatar spoke about the The drafting history of Culture and Education Society Gajret in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1903) and then in Belgrade Gajret (1923) and the importance and role of this institution in the process of cultural and intellectual development of Bosnia and bosnian Muslims (Bosniaks). She also mentioned a few famous personalities who have gained their higher education in Belgrade University as cadets (scholarship holders) of Belgrade Gajret.
Ph.D. Husien Zvrko referred to the actual content of the book, its documentary and factual nature, as well as receptive and readable style of writing. Professor Zvrko pointed out that a significant historiographical basis for the development of this work represents files from Gajrets's cadets kept in the archives of the SANU, in Belgrade, as well as other sources of which are used for the first time and presented to the public. Professor Zvrko listed significant visual and musical artists, writers, cultural and political workers who are finished school thanks to Belgrade Gajret.
Ph.D. Senadin Lavić said the book from dr. Nadir Dacić fills an important historiographical void because it is first extensive analysis of history and operation of Belgrade Gajret. Professor Lavić pointed fact that two societies Gajret and Narodna uzdanica initiated birth of  Bosniak community Preporod, he also underlined the fact a certain disputes related to national awareness of the staff and cadets of Gajret, underlining the fact of " wandering "Bosniak elite in the first half of the twentieth century and the commitment period for Serbian or Croat nationality.

At the end of the presentation author himself  thanked to audience and contributors to this book. Dr. Dacic also commented on the history of development and operation of Belgrade Gajret.
The program ended with two musical tracks by soloist Lamia Kadic from ensemble Sultan Mehmed Fatih accompanied by guitar of Dzenita Kožljak.