International symposium "Science and Religion - 2,000 Years of Cooperation and Controversies" is officially opened on Thursday, April 27, 2017, in the Islamic Cultural Center of Zagreb. The symposium  is organized by Meshihat of Islamic  Community in Croatia, Catholic Faculty of Theology, International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, The International Academy of Human Reproduction, „Ibn Sina“ Research  
institute Sarajevo and hosted more than 200 guests and representatives of the scientific and intellectual society of the Republic of Croatia And the rest of the world. Among the guests were ambassadors and representatives of more than 15 countries as well as representatives of faculties of religious, natural and social sciences, theologians, representatives of the international community, authorities, and numerous scientists.

On behalf of the organizers of the International Symposium Mufty Aziz Hasanović, president of the Meshihat of Islamic Community in Croatia delivered welcome addresses: "With the appearance of the Qur'an itself, Islam opted for knowledge! Croatia's science is unimaginable without the contributions of Muslims such as Ruždić, Aganović, Alić, Berberović, Čaušević, Duraković, Hamzić, Kurjak, Mašović, Muftić, Muzura, Smajlović and other prominent scientists. Religion has its beginnings in science, and science has found its foundations in religion. Islam is the religion of coexistence, tolerance and understanding. The Mufti emphasized that the Symposium has an academic approach, taking into account arguments only.

The Symposium, took place from 27 - 29 April, was opened by prof. Dr. Sc. Pavo Baršić,the Minister of Science and Education. In his address, he emphasized the importance of dialogue between religion and science, as otherwise the awareness of the unity of knowledge was absent. He also added that this Symposium was impressive with its content, topic and 44 speakers.
The first lectures were held after the opening ceremony by academician Asim Kurjak, president of the International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, who sought to explain the recognized need for organizing a scientific meeting on this topic. Then it's followed by Mr Rashid Ahmad Al Teneji, deputy minister for tolerance of the United Arab Emirates; prof. Dr. Felix Ungera, President of the European Academy of Science and Arts; prof. Dr. Ivica Kostović, a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, professor emeritus of the University of Zagreb; prof. Dr. Frank A. Chervenaka, President of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics in New York.
Among contributions there was also Dr. Rouhollah Ghaderi Kangavari, director of the Ibn Sina Institute in Sarajevo, (Relationship between Religion, Science and Politics), and professor Dr. Masoumi Hamadani from Iran (Relationship of Religion and Philosophy in Ibn Rushd's Opinion).
Symposium is closed by prof.dr. Asim Kurjak and Mufti Dr. Aziz Hasanović, thanking all the participants and expressing their satisfaction with the content of the exhibited works which will, as planned, be available soon in the form of the Collection of work.


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