On Thursday, 09/03/2017. The Research Institute "Ibn Sina" in Sarajevo hosted the event "Meet Iran" during which were announced winners for the best essays on this subject, based on the recently announced competition.

The initiator and main organizer is Dialog IN (project of international TV station "Sahar"), in cooperation with Ibn Sina Institute, the Center for Iranian studies and Gallery Isfahan.

The program started with the sounds of Ney and a recital verses from Rumi's Masnavi performed by Parviz Mohammadi, director of the Gallery Isfahan.
 Mr. Nermin Hodzic said a few introductory remarks in conjunction with the competition and the submitted works.After that, Mr. Zlatko Dizdarevic, diplomat, journalist and political commentator, spoke about his own experience of Iran, underlining that Iran is"no East nor West" and that Iran can be experienced only by visiting the country and direct contact with its people, culture and way life in which time is not the same as a clock. Dizdarevic emphasized global importance of Iranian culture and civilization, and the fact that he did not have impression  that any Muslim countrie  paid attention to its pre-Islamic period, as well as cultural, ethnic and religious diversity.
Later in the program Parviz Mohammadi with the sounds of tambourine spoke verses of Rumi, in Persian and Bosnian, which is warmly received by the audience.
Nermin Hodzic, member of the jury talked in detail about the submitted works, the quality and content of the works and made known names of the winners. First is awarded to Vedran Obućina from Rijeka, second went to Fatima Kamali from Ilijaš, a third Maida Cehajic from Sarajevo. The jury's special prize has been awarded to Qanita Abedpour from Sarajevo whose work did not meet the formal requirements, but its quality deserved to be rewarded.
In the second part of the program director of the IRIB in Sarajevo,  Behrooz Naseri awarded prizes,
After formal part Mr. Naseri and MD. Ghaderi (Director of the Institute) and awarded prizes to all participants.
During the program  clips from a documentary of Iran by Dražen Dizdarevic were broadcast as well as his photographs were exhibited in the lobby of the Institute.
Upon completion of the official part of the program, there was a cocktail for all present participants and visitors.




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