IMG 5679On Monday, 01/23/2017. in Sarajevo, Mr. Saeid Abedpour   delivered a lecture on the need for political engagement of women in the premises Of the Association "Fatma".
Abedpour drive home the point that participation  of women in political and public life can not be measured only by the number of seats in parliament and the like, it is more important qualitative of their creative contribution to the legislative and executive authorities, as well as presence in the media and the civil sector, and added:

A Muslim should be an example of honesty, integrity and opposition to any form of corruption, and in our time the corruption of state institutions is one of the biggest problems of each country.

Mr. Abedpour also said that Bosnian Muslim women; In addition to taking lessons and role models in Muslim history and cultural tradition, where since the early period of Islam have exemplary and socially engaged women like Hazrat Fatima; should above all cultivate their originality and authenticity. They now have their own role models and the courageous Bosnian women who have proudly and honorably presented a huge burden of national defense in the last war. Bosnian Muslim women today should respond to the challenges that require them moral Eminence and rooted in their own religious traditions, as well as compliance with the requirements of space and time. Modern, engaged European are aware of their cultural and religious traditions and a symbol of a happy joint Islamic and European values, the ideal which should aim socially and politically engaged Muslims today.

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