Hajrudin Somun
Zlatko Dizdarević
A Strategic analysis of the imposed war in Yemen

knjiga3Keynote address
Yemen is the cradle of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. This country was made mention of in very early historical and religious resources. Nowadays, Yemen is exposed to daily aggression led by the coalition with Saudi Arabia as the head. Up to the date, more than 11,000 people, predominantly civilians have been killed in the Saudi airstrikes on Yemen. A significant amount of cultural-historic heritage is exposed to destruction. For more than two months has the world been witnessing the tragedy of the Yemeni people being killed by their neighbours, Muslim neighbours at that. The silence of huge world media and UN’s support of the Saudi led coalition attacking Yemen is a fact that makes us even more responsible for displaying the real state of affairs in Yemen. This book is an attempt to illuminate internal and external factors that make up today’s state in Yemen. Hajrudin Somun and Zlatko Dizdarević, authors with decades-long journalistic and diplomatic experience, are experts on the Middle East. Following their texts, we present an addendum on the Ansarullah movement, and an addendum on their leader Seid Abdulmelik.

We hope that this little book will to at least some extent substitute for the media silence and foster a real understanding of current developments in Yemen.
The Ibn Sina Scientific-Research Institute, Sarajevo.

To download the book clickhere here (PDF)