ibnsinaThe Ibn Sina Institute in Sarajevo was founded in 1996. The main aim of this Institute is the study and research in the field of humanities and widening of cooperation in science, research and culture between Iranian and Bosnian scholars, thinkers and cultural-scientific institutes.
The scientific research of the Institute is organized in four centres:


  1. Centre for philosophy and gnosis
  2. Centre for culture and civilization
  3. Centre for Persian language and literature
  4. Centre for Balkan studies

Other activities in the Institute can be divided in five different sectors:
Administrative and financial affairs
Public relations
The website www.ibn-sina.net on Bosnian and Persian enables public communication and offers information on latest activities and publications of the Institute.
This segment of the Institute’s activities encompasses planning, writing, ordering, translating, preparing and printing books and other publications.
Department for organizing roundtables, conferences and symposia
This department is in charge of planning and realizing conferences, roundtables and symposia for the four scientific centres. Moreover, this department is responsible for communication with other scientific institutions and organization on the Balkans and other parts of the world.
The Institute has a library with several thousand volumes on Iranian studies, philosophy, gnosis, Islamic sciences, Persian literature, political sciences and international affairs. The library also holds numerous distinguished works and classical resources in Sufism, Islamic philosophy and Persian literature. The library is available for researchers, professors and students.

Director Institute "Ibn Sina"

Mohammad Hossein Abbasi Valadi