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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Transcendental theosophies: Sadriduddin Shirazi

UDK 28-1:37.01


Mohamed Jafer Zarean


This work aims to briefly explore the foundations of the transcendental theosophy. It is necessary to introduce Sadriduddin Shirazi Mohammad as the founder of this branch. Also, after the short elaboration on the Shirazi’s theosophy, it is crucial to compare his theosophy with the peripatetic one, from one hand, and the enlightened one from the other hand. This comparison will clarify the notion of transcendental theosophy having its own system and sources, which are vastly different from the eclectic philosophy.

Key words

transcendental philosophy, peripatetic philosophy, illumination, existence, wisdom, Mulla Sadra, truth, inheritor, mind, rationality, spiritual travel, cognitive method.

URL: /en/transcendental-theosophies-sadriduddin-shirazi/


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