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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

The position of women in the family and society from the standpoint of Islam

UDK 316.74:2


Mohammad Amin Solgi


One of the important issues that have been dealt with from different directions and schools since ancient times, is the issue of women and their social and family status. Certain groups in history, with their traditionalist approach, have sought to make women’s presence in society unimportant and to limit women’s obligations to the home, which has led to the isolation and denial of women’s rights. Others, again, with modernist beliefs, have always tried to destroy a woman’s family value and position, and to prefer only the social roles of women over everything else. Such an attitude has led to the weakening of the foundations of the family, as well as the worthless portrayal of the role of a wife and a mother, the most important occupation of a woman. This research seeks to analyze the attitude of Islam towards the social and family status of women, apart from the traditionalist and modernist (feminist) approaches, which emerged under the influence of the wrong cultures of Western societies and deviant ideas.
From the point of view of Islam, not only are women’s social responsibilities not prohibited, but Islam supports the presence of women in society as well as their political participation in Islamic society, but considers women’s family roles a priority and views the role of a wife and a mother as two sacred responsibilities, roles that, in addition to sublime values, also have social consequences and benefits. The advancement and improvement of men and the upbringing of healthy and reputable generations are possible under the condition that women fulfill their roles in the family, which will result in the improvement and health of the entire society.

Key words

Woman, family, society, wife, mother

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