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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

The New Issue of the Journal “The Signs of Time”

The latest issue 89/90 of the journal “The Signs of Time” has been published. This issue is filled with interesting and different topics from various scientific fields.

In the section which relates to the Qur’an interpretation, the Academic Esad Duraković analyises the deep meanings of prayer (Bos. sedžda), while Abdullah Saeed speaks of the ethic and law-related aspect of the Qur’an.

The section dubbed Theological Themes is dedicated to the interpretation of Ibn Hanbel’s thought, authored by Adnan Silajdžić and late Samir Beglerović.

In the third section, Views, Mohammad Amin Solgi treats the social role of women within Islamic teachings, while Džafer Zarean answers the question of homosexuality in modern societies.

The section dubbed Reflections treats Orientalist and essentialist understanding of violence in Islam, authored by Mohammad Ali Mirali and Seyyed Yahyaa Mousavi, while Alena Demirović deals with the question of inclusion of Afghani women during the process of their emancipation.

In the section Critical Readings Matthew Peti and Tira Parsi analyse the political revenge of the United States’ foreign policy in regards to the Middle East.

In the section Cultural and Historical Themes Haris Dervišević analyses the issue of the Austro-Hungarian cultural policy towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The section Assessments and Reviews has two texts. In the first, Haris Dubravac presents the work by William C. Chittick “The Sufi Path of Knowledge”, translated from English by the Academic Rešid Hafizović. In the second, Senada Tahirović presents the work “Ilahinama”, by Feriduddin Attar, translated from Persian by Mubina Moker and transcreated by Hadžem Hajdarević.