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Ibn Sina

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Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

The Book Promotion of “Ilahinama” in Visoko

On May 5, 2022, in Visoko, starting at 18:00 hrs, in the overcrowded hall of the Culture Centre “Altindag”, the book promotion of “Ilahinama”, authored by Feriduddin Attar, was held.

At the beginning, the attendees were welcomed by the moderator of the programme, the directress of the Public Library Visoko, Mrs Ajša Šahinović, who expressed her gratitude that one delightful, cultural event was taking place at Visoko.

Afterwards, the gathered people were addressed by the director of the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute, Mr Mohammad Abbasi, who said that Attar is a significant gnostic and a poet, albeit appearing in Iran, the voice of his lyrics touched the East and the West, finding its place in the heart of every person searching for the truth, regardless of the place or time.

In the continuation of the programme, the attendees were addressed by the inspiring words of Mustafa Prljača, PhD, the advisor of the Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in B&H for the media, who reflected on the tradition of interpreting “Pendnama”, and he pointed out that Sufi works left their trace on our own poets, and that the same sensation can be felt in sevdalinkas.

The promoter, the Academic Rešid Hafizović, gave a brief overview of the trilogy regarding the Sheikh Attar, those being the works “Ilahinama”, “Mantiq al-Tayr”, “Musibetname”.and he said that these three works represent the three epochs of man’s realisation pathway.

“God is revealed to man through Names and Attributes, both within himself, and at various stations of nature, and the revelation is a permanent process, and the name is constantly revealing his own being”, the Academic Hafizović pointed out, among other aspects.

Mubina Moker, PhD, the translator of “Ilahinama” spoke of her own relation to Sheikh Attar and his own work while translating. “Such works make us turn inwardly and to through self-analysis to find the prophetic enlightenment of the mind within ourselves and to progress on the path of knowing”, said Moker, PhD.

Moker, PhD, also thanked Professor Hadžem Hajdarević on the work which he took to transcreate “Ilahinama”, and she pointed out that all the other collaborators in this endeavour gave their maximum.

At the very ending of the programme, at the “Ibn Sina” director’s initiative, Mr Mohammad Abbasi, a mini quiz was organised, and at the quiz, five of the “Ilahinama” books were gifted to the quickest and most successful persons.

The programme was beautified by the recitations of the verses from “Ilahinama”, as well as by the musical pieces on ney and daf instruments.

The organisers of the programme were there Public Library in Visoko and Medžlis of the Islamic Community Visoko.