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Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

The Book Promotion of “Ilahinama” in Tuzla

In the Blue Hall of BKC Tuzla, on March 7, 2022, Monday, starting at 18:30, the book promotion of “Ilahinama”, written by the prominent Persian, Sufi poet Feriduddin Muhammed Attar Nishapur, was held.
At the opening of the session, the attendees were addressed by the director of the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute in Sarajevo, Mr Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, who expressed his satisfaction with their visit Tuzla, and he likewise pointed out to the attendees gathered to commemorate that this has been an endeavour which lasted for many years, and which Husein effendi Kavazović, PhD, the Reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia, supported unconditionally as the project’s patron, and while using this opportunity the Director thanked him for the support. Mr Abbasi said that the “Ibn Sina” Institute plans to continue their collaboration with the Institute for Social and Religious Studies Tuzla even in the future period.
The director of the “Ibn Sina” Institute thanked his hosts for their warm welcome. He thanked the mufti of Tuzla, Vahid effendi Fazlović, PhD, the director of the Institute for Social and Religious Studies in Tuzla, Šefko Sulejmanović, PhD, and the director of the Behram Bey’s Madrasa in Tuzla, Ahmed Hatunić, PhD.
The promoter, Mensur Husić, PhD, pointed out that Feriduddin Muhammed Attar lived in a very tumultuous timeframe during which Islamic ethical norms were hindered, and Attar through his own world of poetry and characters portrayed the exact position of society. Husić, PhD, afterwards presented the summary of the stories concerning the “Ilahinama” book, and he focused on the title “Letter to God” stating that Attar builds his own relation with God. Husić, PhD, also emphasised the need for contemplation, stating that thought stems from dhikr.
The translator of the work “Ilahinama”, Mubina Moker, PhD, stated that in 1990, in Tuzla, the book promotion of “Pendnama” was held, as the work which is attributed to Attar. Moker, PhD, said that stories from “Ilahinama” should not be confused with a particular temporal context in which Attar lived, but rather that they still remain contemporary and prominent in our own timeframe. The book “Ilahinama” reflects our own reality, Moker, PhD, mentioned, and she stated that the entire quintessence lies in perseverance, working on and affecting oneself, whereas Attar teaches us how to formulate relationship with God in our own hearts, by stressing the need to surpass formalism in prayer.
At the end, Moker, PhD, thanked the hosts for making the promotion of the work in Tuzla possible.
The author Hadžem Hajdarević, in his own speech, said that it had been a great pleasure to work on “Ilahinama”. Professor Hajdarević pointed out that it is of paramount importance for a nation’s language to possess mother-tongue translated works of great world poets, like Attar or Shakespeare. Therefore, it is important for a work like “Ilahinama” to be contextualised within a semantic layer of the Bosnian language. Professor Hajdarević said that during his transcreation of the book he tried to keep the original meaning intact. This project was marked by Hajdarević, PhD, as a particular cultural event and he thanked the publishers of the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute and the Publishing Centre of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina El-Kalem, who made sure that this work reaches its audience.
At the end of the manifestation, the attendees were addressed by the mufti of Tuzla, Vahid effendi Fazović, PhD, and he expressed the importance of translating the tesavvuf works such as “Ilahinama”, and he mentioned a large number of Bosnian poets who wrote their poetry in Arabic, Persian and Turkish. The Mufti of Tuzla thanked the translator Moker, PhD, on her effort, but he also thanked the poet Hadžem Hajdarević on his excellent transcreation which greatly enriched the Bosnian language. Fazlović, PhD, expressed his firm belief that the fruitful collaboration between the “Ibn Sina” Institute and the Institute for Social and Religious Studies Tuzla should be continued even in the future.
The moderator of the manifestation was Emir Šečić.
The verses of “Ilahinama” were read, in great inspiration, by Amina Đulović.
The students of Behram Bey’s Madrasa in Tuzla embellished the overall programme with their musical performances on the nai.
The complete video of the promotion can be watched via the following link: