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Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

The Book Promotion of “Ilahinama”, Authored by Feriduddin Attar, in Novi Pazar

The Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute in collaboration with the Bosniak National Council, tonight organised the book promotion of “Ilahinama”, authored by the renowned Persian poet Feriduddin Muhammed Attar Nishapur.

At the beginning of the event, the gathered people were addressed by the director of the “Ibn Sina” Institute, Mohammad Hossein Abbasi, who thanked the attendees for coming and to the Council for their help in the realisation of this promotion, and he pointed out that the Institute would further continue their collaboration with the Council.

The president of the Council, Jasmina Curić, PhD, in her own speech thanked the “Ibn Sina” Institute for the trust which has been constructed since 2011, when they promoted another great work at the Council entitled “Divan” by Hafez Shirazi.

“Tonight, we have before us “Ilahinama”, the famous poetic work by Feriduddin Muhammed Attar, which has been classified as one of the masterpieces of Persian literature. Translating poetry from Persian into another languages is a difficult task, and certainly translating Attar himself was a remarkable feat. He was the author who did not only apply language as a tool, but also the means by which he would convey his greatest inspiration and his deepest excitement”, the president of the Council stated.

The promoters of the book were Mubina Moker, PhD, and Hadžem Hajdarević.

Mubina Moker, PhD, translated “Ilahinama”, and whilst addressing the gathered people, she stated that this work presented that one piece to which we should all return constantly. Moker, PhD, stated that the stories from the book should not be classified within the timeframe of Attar’s own life, but that they remain contemporary and relevant in our own time. In the book “Ilahinama”, our own reality is being reflected, Moker, PhD, said, and she stated that the quintessence lies in the decorum, work and affecting oneself, and that Attar teaches us how to formulate the relationship with God inside of our own hearts.

The author Hadžem Hajdarević, who transcreated the very translation of the book, in his own talk said that it was his pleasure to work on the “Ilahinama” project, which he deems as one of the most significant projects of his life. Professor Hajdarević claimed that it was particularly important for a particular language that works of great writers, such as Attar, enter that language through translation. Also, it is important to have such as work as “Ilahinama” contextualised within the semantic layers of Bosnian. Professor Hajdarević said that while he was transcreating the work, he tried to keep the original meaning intact.

The book verse was recited by Nusreta Brunčević, accompanied by the nai instrument which was played by Fikret Mahmuović and qanun played by Fikret Mekić