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Panel at the “Ibn Sina” Institute: The Agreement of the Century and the Future of Palestine

On Wednesday, February 5, 2020, starting at 18:00 hrs, at the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute in Sarajevo, a panel was held entitled: “The Agreement of the Century and the Future of Palestine”.
The newest plan for the resolve of the Palestinian question which was lately revealed by the American president Trump, as well as about the possible further development of the events in that portion of the world, was discussed by the ambassador of Palestine in Bosnia and Herzegovina Rezeq Namoora, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Heidari, as well as the journalist and diplomat Zlatko Dizdarević, and the director of the “Ibn Sina” Institute in Sarajevo, Kazem Zoghi Barani, PhD.
The Palestinian ambassador in Bosnia and Herzegovina Rezeq Namoora said he was quite surprised by the new plan and mentioned that the very representation of the plan appeared Hollywood-like: “The plan appeared as though it was written by Netanyahu, and that it was recited by Donald Trump. You can call it as you will. You can call it the theft of the century. The preparations started two years ago when Jerusalem was acknowledged as the capital city of Israel”.
Namoora in the continuation of his talk reflected on certain details of the mentioned plan, stressing the notion that no Palestinian would accept something like that, because it would mean legalising the robbery, occupation and murder.
The ambassador Namoora pointed out the significance of continuous public resistance in Palestine, as well as the importance of mutual work on the level of intra-Palestinian unity. Concerning the activities within the sphere of diplomacy and international politics, he emphasised that the Arabic League and the Organisation for the co-operation of Islamic countries OIC, and a few countries through bilateral relations with Palestine, rejected this plan. He especially pointed out the telephone conversation of the Iranian head of diplomacy on Tuesday, as well as the newest proclamation of the European Union.
As the alternative to the plan, ambassador Namoora suggests: “Upholding international multilateral Conferences which will be based on the international law and the double-country solution”.
The ambassador Mahmoud Heidari reminded everybody that these days Iran celebrates the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution victory, and he added that regardless of all pressures, sanctions and conditioning, and even murders of prominent personas, such as General Soleimani, Palestine still remains a top priority of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
He stated that certain countries because of their own interests want to establish a forest law, which is exemplified through a one-side exit of the USA from the multilateral Nuclear Agreement with Iran, and the newest plan of Trump’s administration and Palestine.
He pointed out the latest speech of the Iranian high leader after which he called the agreement, as he said, anti-Islamic, anti-civilisation. “Palestine has the capacity to unite the Islamic world. Supporting Palestine means supporting justice. That is not anti-Semitism we have no quarrels with Judaism. The Iranian support of Palestine is human-based”.
The journalist and diplomat Zlatko Dizdarević recalled the time when people thought that by conferences they would make peace, however: “We have all the more potent Israel and tinier Palestine. Of course, that transpires illegally. Only the territory of Israel is enlarged”.
He thinks that the West does not allow the East to be emancipated. He talked about the meeting with the American diplomat Henry Kissinger and the former Yugoslavian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Budimir Lončar. As Dizdarević stated, after asking Lončan what he thought of Trump, Kissinger said that he was doubly dangerous, because he will attempt to withdraw himself from bilateral agreements and that he would fanatically endeavour to be remembered throughout history through the moves which differ him from the rest of American presidents.
Dizdarević stated that the previously-mentioned aspect was already committed by Trump.
He stated that he, as it was pointed out, makes way for the international hierarchy and the legalisation of force.
“The legalisation of force is at work, trying to destroy the already-existing hierarchy”, he added.
He thinks that events in the Middle East can be comprised in one: how to take away and stop them from emancipating.
The director of the “Ibn Sina” Institute in Sarajevo, Kazem Zoghi Barani, PhD, reminded everybody of the historical overview of the Palestinian occupation, and of the fact that since 1948, until today, the occupied space is constantly enlarged at the damage of space under the Palestinian control. This project is directly in contrast to the process of building up the construction of the Palestinian national country, and it is in opposition to the order of resolutions of the UN Safety Council and the principles of the international law. Barani stated that the destiny and future of Palestine should be decided by the Palestinians, and until the final resolution of this issue, we are left with strong will and consistency within public resistance.

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