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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Notion of the silent in the Muslim tradition

UDK 28-428


Orhan Jašić
Zuhdija Hasanović


In the first part of the paper, the term silent (mute) is briefly considered, which in physical terms represents the physical impossibility of verbal statement (aphasia). In addition, there is an understanding of the phenomenon of silence in a figurative sense, that is, the connection between muteness and silence. Afterwards, the above term is theologically considered primarily from a recourse of religious morality. Then further in the paper, attention was paid to the personality of God’s messenger Zakariyya, who at one time did not possess the ability of linguistic speech, and communicated non-verbally (ar. Ishārah), more precisely with the movements of the body, which, according to the Muslim beliefs, was a sign of the truthfulness of the announcement that God gave Him. We have also reflected in the paper the notion of silence in the teachings of God’s Messenger Muhammad

Key words

mute, silence, morality, Zakariyya

URL: /en/notion-of-the-silent-in-the-muslim-tradition/


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