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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Identities, Religion and Social Structure in the Medieval Bosnia

UDK 27-87.645(497.6)”14”


Mensur Kustura
Lana Šabani


The main focus of this paper is on the Bosnian Church, its identities, religion and social structure in the medieval Bosnia. The existence of the Bosnian Church in the Middle Ages is indisputable and the debates, as well as different views and opinions of historians, whether the Bosnian Church is Catholic, or Orthodox, or perhaps dualistic (Bogomil) in nature are very intriguing. Bosnian Bogomils are undoubtedly the most significant occurrence and the most interesting development in the long history of the medieval Bosnia in the field of socio-political, statal, religious and economical activity. The debates regarding the creation, roots, connections, relations and the core of religious teaching, organization and the role within the society and the state of Bosnian Bogomils have lasted well over a century. This paper will offer a short overview of the Bosnian Church with the investigations of the religious phenomenon where the teaching and the importance of the Bosnian Church should be differentiated between the doctrine of religion and the doctrine of social reality. Therefore, the conclusion is that the Bosnian heresy was not only a religious occurrence but above all a socio-political state of a society and feudal state governed by large manorial clan-tribal structures.

Key words

Bosnian Church, heresy, Bogomils, Patarens, asceticism, syncretism, Identities, Religion and Social Structure in the Medieval Bosnia

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