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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Contribution to Understanding of Suhrawardi’s thoughts

UDK 28-1


Mubina Moker


Through a critical review of the past terms within which the authentic and specific Suhravardi’s thought has been contextualized, the work on ishrāqī wisdom seeks to observe from a different angle, and show that ishrāqī wisdom can not be reduced to philosophy, but that it is a specific wisdom that is a combination of the ancient Iranian wisdom and Tasawwuf, notwithstanding that its hereditaries till Suhravardi were not Aristotle and the Islamic peripatetics, but gnostics like Dhūl-Nūn al-Miṣrī, Abu Sahl al-Tustari, Bayazid Bastami, Mansur al-Hallaj, and Ebu’l Hasan Harakani who all talked about sakinah. The heir to ishrāqī wisdom is a gnostic, in whose person the conjunction of speculative and intuitive wisdom is actualized.


ishrāqī wisdom, mashriqī wisdom, sakinah, Ibn Sina, Suhrawardi

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