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Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

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A Well-recognised Presence of Iran at This Year’s International Book Fair in Sarajevo

Nj. E. Mahmoud Heidari, the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited the book stand of the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute and the rest of the Iranian and Bosnian publishers at the International Book Fair in Sarajevo.

Ibrahim Spahić, the president of the Fair Programme Council, introduced the Ambassador with certain technical details and contents of this year’s 31st International Book Fair in Sarajevo:

This year, we have about 100 local and foreign publishers who introduced to the readership the newest scientific, cultural, literary and educational achievements.

The ambassador Heidari visited the “Ibn Sina” book stand in a conversation with the director of the Institute, Kazem Zoghi Barani, PhD, got introduced to the newest publications of the Institute. Zoghi Barani, PhD, while introducing the newest authored and translation undertakings by Bosnian writers published by this Institute stated the following: The readership was particularly drawn to the authored work by Rešid Hafizović, professor from the Islamic Studies in Sarajevo. We refer to the book “Islam in Cultural Identity of Europe” in which the academic Hafizović from his own religious and theological and philosophical and sociological discourse questions the relationship of Islam and Europe in the history of the contemporary day and age.

The ambassador Heidari commended the endeavours of the Science and Research “Ibn Sina” Institute and of the Cultural Centre of the I. R. of Iran in Sarajevo and the “Mulla Sadra” foundation and he stated: The centuries-long tradition of the presence of Persian literature and the Iranian-Islamic culture in this region, is all the more reason for the interest of the Bosnian people for the fruits of the Islamic culture in publication. Therefore, it would be good to give special attention to translating and to the publication of various works from Persian literature, and to have new generations get acquainted with our culture and to develop and enhance our relations on the basis of culture.

The ambassador Heidari, in the continuation of his visit, ventured to several stands and talked with the representatives of several publishing houses.