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Ibn Sina

Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

Ibn Sina
Naučnoistraživački institut, Sarajevo

A Two Part Program of the International Students Club “Ibn Sina” on the Occasion of the International Women’s Day, and the Promotion of “The Book of Fate to See the Revolution of Time”, by Prof. Shahab Yar Khan phD

The International students club “Ibn Sina” is organizing a two part program;

An event on the occasion of the International women’s day (8th March), as well as the promotion of The Book of Fate to See the Revolution of Time by prof. Shahab Yar Khan phD.

The International women’s day (8th March) is an international date which honors the societal, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. In the frames of culture and literature, the members of the Students club “Ibn Sina” will present during the first part of the program focusing on the topics in literature by which the accomplishments of women in the societal, cultural, literary and political directions are emphasized.

For the first part of the program, after words of introduction, Amela Vilić, the vice-president of the Students Club “Ibn Sina”, via video-recording will speak on the topic “Motherhood in poetry”.

After that, the president of the Students club “Ibn Sina”, Emin Čamo, will speak on the topic of dynamics of gnostic and spiritual expressions in the works of esteemed female writers.

This is followed by the second part of the program during which the new book of prof. dr. Shahab Yar Khan The Book of Fate to See the Revolution of Time will be promoted, with a focus on the literary and theoretical analysis of female characters in the literary collection of William Shakespeare, which is the subject of research in this book.

The main guest speaker and promoter of the book is prof. Murat Öner phD, a renowned professor at the Department of English language and literature at the Faculty for education and humanities (IBU). Prof. Murat Öner phD will speak on the contents of the book, the scientific methodology which the author used, as well as the specific areas of analysis of Shakespeare’s work in the book, and the general attributes by which the book stems out.

The author of the book, prof. Shahab Yar Khan phD, will speak on the end-goals and results of his research, with a focus on the literary and theoretical analysis and contextualization of the character-analysis of female heroes in the works of William Shakespeare.

Master of Arts, Želimirka Karešin, via video-recording, one of the first students of Shakespeare studies at the Philosophy faculty UNSA will emphasize the general attributes of the book due to which the study of Shakespeare branches out in this work to non-anglophone areas and conceptions in whose frames and perspectives the works of this author may be read and understood.

A video by prof. Suheyl Umar phD, a renowned a Pakistani intellectual will be played. In this video he will present his dedication for the book, speaking on the connections between prof. Shahab Yar Khan’s writing and the writing of Martin Lings, an anglo-oriental Shakespeare scholar. He will also comment on the specific features of the book.

Amina Yar Khan will read her translation of the dedication from Urdu to Bosnian after the presentation.

Bachelor of Arts, Emin Čamo, a master’s student of Arabic language and literature will speak on the oriental considerations of this book, with a focus on Ibn ‘Arabi’s metaphysics, as well as its application in the context of Shakespearean literature in the view of the author, and in the general sense.

We invite all interested students, professors, researchers and experts for Anglophone, Bosnian and oriental literature, humanistic sciences, as well as all those who are interested to be present at the promotion of this highly marvelous literary and analytical piece.

All those who are present at the promotion will have the opportunity to pose their questions to the panel of promoters, as well as to speak their mind through comments and personal stances.

Location: Science and research institute “Ibn Sina” (library), at the address of Potok 24

Date and time: 8. 3. 2024. 14h


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